Hi everyone! I’m really excited and scared (because I’ve tried to stay off social media as long as possible…. but I’ve lost the battle so I am stepping into this space with my “all in style!’) and am launching this blog and a FB page called Sunkissed Fun. Just sharing some of my love for a health and fitness products, life experiences, travel tips, and how a free spirited soul is transitioning to some deep roots! Would love the support with likes, ideas, comments, and help because I’m going to need a lot of it! It will be a work in progress. I’m on IG @sun_kissed_fun.  Stay tuned because I will be giving away a ton of cool stuff as I’m starting to build this business! Trips, products, gift cards, all sorts of fun things!!  Give aways start next week so join my mailing list and stay tuned!


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