I’m sure you have all heard the “world is a mirror” theory. We see the world as we are, not as it is. Basically meaning that if you go around calling someone selfish, the reason you are probably saying that or seeing that in that person is because you are probably the one being selfish. So take a hard look at what you are seeing in others. And it also works the other way around, if someone is accusing you of something, a lot of times it really has nothing to do with you, that they are basically confessing to you who they are and what they are doing, because that is what they are seeing. So for example, is someone calls you up and is saying something like I just cant trust you I think you are being shady or lying to me, chances are they are probably up to no good and might be trying to hide something from you, so they are paranoid you are doing the same thing and so they start to accuse you of the very thing they are doing….. its not always the case but I’ve come to realized that a lot of times it is, when someone is accusing you or telling you your doing this or that, or you are this and that, they are basically reflecting on you. And it can also be a great way for you to do a self check when your having a problem with someone…. This person really sucks at this or is effecting me…. is this really me doing this, is this really my problem…. I love this theory! One of my favorite concepts I’ve learned. But now that I’m in my 30’s I am seeing another level to this theory and concept. Since relationships are actually mirrors for ourselves and we then become mirrors for others, sometimes if we don’t like what we see we just cut them off rather then fix what they are holding up for us to see. We would rather lose that relationship, whether it be a spouse or a friend, rather then admit to ourselves we need to change or that …‘ouch that problem possibly is my own and not theirs’… Its to painful to admit things to ourselves and fix them….this also works in the reverse, if a friend is cutting you off, chances are they are the ones that are not liking what you’re holding up for them to see in the mirror. They, possibly, would rather just go get another mirror mirror on the wall to tell them the lies that will justify it all…happy reflecting!


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