What is ageLoc and why is it so great?!

ageLoc is a brand and product line from Nuskin that contains a special ingredient that literally turns back the clock on the aging process. There are a whole bunch of scientific studies and research that can explain the details of how ageLoc is able to identify SuperMarkers called Gene Clusters which are groups of genes that regulate how we appear to age, and reset them to their youthful activity patter. The way I like to explain it is like this:

As we age our gene expression decreases. Our cells omit less light and less energy then they did when they were young. That’s why our skin changes that’s why we get more tired ect. If we want to reverse the signs and effect of aging we have to target aging at its source, the gene expression. ageLoc does exactly that, it goes in and resets the youth gene clusters so that the gene will express the same amount of light and energy as it did when it was young, thus giving us better skin and more energy. ageLoc actually re-lights the cell! Below are videos if you want to learn more.

What’s my experience with ageLoc products?

Ok at first I will admit I had no interest in trying out any Nuskin products. I bought the facial spa package and had my mom try it out. I think I can find the video of her testing it out for me, but I remember she literally started to cry after using the facial spa. I laughed that she was getting so emotional but she said…. quote: “you don’t know what its like to feel so young and then see yourself look different then how you feel” she literally had tears and I’ll see if I can find the video I took of her while she was testing out the product.

Although my mom loved the product, I still didn’t feel the need to try it out. At the time I was pretty busy getting ready to move to Vietnam and figured if my mom liked them that was good enough for me.

About 4 months after I started living in Vietnam I decided I should probably give it a go since I talk about the product I should at least try it out. I did and I was only 31 at the time so I didn’t see the dramatic changeas my mom did, but I thought it gave my skin a nice glow. I kid you not the next day I went to my Vietnamese language tutor and she kept staring at me…. she said “something is different about you…..” and I thought yup I just cut my hair last week how nice of her to notice…. And I said “oh thanks I cut my hair and added some layers” she said…..”no no its not your hair its your face….”   I started getting nervous because Vietnamese are not the most gracious when telling you when something is wrong with the way you look…. She started to get this quizzical expression and said….”you look…. Younger?” …. AHA!!   And right then and their I was SOLD!

That was 8 years ago and me and my mom have used ageLoc products every day since…. Check out our before and afters…. my mom looks just as good today as she did then!  I am a true believer that ageLoc definitely reverses the signs of aging and its now found in a number of Nuskin products. Test them out and find which ones are right for you!

Before and Afters




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