Mom tip by StarCore:  How Mom Makes Turkey:

People ask me how do I make such a fantastic Turkey for the holidays.  My secret, get real close ladies and Do Not let anyone see your screen……the best and first gift you give yourself after you get married is…….dun, dun, (whisper) is a grill.  Men love to grill and will go to great lengths to cook everything on it.  Well, I bought my husband a simple Weber Grill when we were fist married.  It was not a fancy one, just a basic grill and HE cooks the Turkey.

Ah ha!  That is the secret to my Turkey.  I make the stuffing and he oils down with olive oil and wraps it in bacon and slow cooks it on the grill.  It is to die for! He tends it, checks on it, keeps the heat just right and I love it.  It is really easy ladies, this is delegation.  I then have my oven free to cook the rolls, sweet potatoes and pie.

This actually came out of desperation when my husband’s new job took us to a new home that did not have the luxury of double ovens.  The Grill is your salvation!


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