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Welcome to my Blog! Lets just start out by being really honest here, I don’t know what I want this Blog to be… I know… I know, everyone says you’ve got to be pretty specific about the areas you are targeting so you can gather followers in those categories… but… I’m not really doing this to gain a following… I’m doing this for me. Something inside of me is telling me this is really going to be good for me… and even in just creating the design and learning how to start this thing, it already has…I am doing this to re-find who I am and the pieces of me I somehow lost along the way in one of those transitional phases of life as we all sometimes do… I’m using this to discover and share the kind of women I hope and want to become in my ‘adulting’ years while still honoring and allowing the magnetic, spontaneous, free-spirited life is a party version of me that I was accustomed to in my 20’s. I am here for some self discovery and if I have 1000 followers or none is really ok. But you are welcome to come along on this road less traveled (literally, I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to) and see what we can find and seek together.

I heard once (probably in a movie, maybe the Hunger Games, or General Conference) that in moments of crisis or of fear, doubt, unknowing… you should begin with focusing on what you do know, rather then on what you don’t know… (yea pretty sure that’s was general conference) So that is exactly what I’m going to do:

For me, life is about relationships, experiences and learning about life love and people…

I am a Seeker

Mind, Body, Soul

I am meant to create.

I know I am a complete light

I’m a solar panel, I get my energy from the sun

My energy really effects people

I have a strong voice and am meant to use it

I am quick, fast, efficient, and slow drives me crazy!! I constantly feel like the rabbit on Zootopia who goes into the DMV and has to talk to the sloth, I feel like that daily!!  That being said I write like I talk… fast… hence the ….(dot dot dot) and a lot of run on sentences… sorry but not sorry.. haha…and there will be typos!

I am or once was a very free spirited person

I love midnight shenanigans

I like to break the rules (not legal ones just dumb ones) mostly because I don’t like it when people tell me what to do

I love the movie the Patriot, Last of the Mohicans, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the book Gone With the Wind

I love the lake, the sun, water skiing, surfing, and hiking in the fall

I love sentimental things and anything that is back by thoughtfulness and generosity.

I love being outside, and love moving my body, it thrives when its being worked or challenged, my mind fights it, my body LOVES it… I know I am really in tune with my body and I listen to it, research things and am fascinated by what happens with in it.

I love it when something touches me deeply that it brings me to tears.

I love friendship and believe making the effort matters

I love authenticity, conviction, and good communication

I thrive on problem solving and I love finding a way to make anything and everything work.

I used to be described as a hippie who drives an SUV and likes nice things… TRUE (hippie not like a drug user but earthy and energy orientated)

I love simplicity

Yellow is my favorite color because its happy fun and light

I like the word sparkle, fun, and glow,

I love love love to learn new things….

I love living in Utah but at the same time I really struggle with it… (I grew up in Spokane Washington the greatest place to be from! Woot woot Spokavegas, Spokomton love you!)

I love Park City and Montana

I love warm summer nights

McDonald’s diet coke and hash browns for breakfast is a daily thing , because McDonalds … its like the greatest!

And buffalo sauce its my fav right now

Playing games with friends or family at night is my idea of a good time! (I might be competitive and love to win)

I buy a ring in every country or adventure I go on, usually one with a stone from that country if I can find it.

I don’t like parking garages or houses with little or no windows because I feel trapped.

To many cloudy days in a row make me grumpy

And change, is really hard for me, but not like you think… like I have changed where I have lived so frequently its crazy, but if you ask me to update my Iphone to the latest IOS or if some how apple forces me to…. Ugggggg that like almost destroys me for a few weeks! Or like my scent, I’ve worn the same lotion smell and never altered it since like 1996.. I know what I like! People commonly now refer to it as the Mel smell…vanilla bean!

Oh and I’m a Gemini, so…. always two people at once!! I keep it interesting thats for sure!  And sometimes my boyfriend can really relate to the Justin Bieber song ‘What do you mean….when you nod your head yes and you wanna say no….what do you mean hey ya…when you don’t want me to move but you tell me to go….what do you mean….ohhhh …..will you make up your mind … what do you mean’    yes, yes…. its complicated and oh so fun being a gemini!

A little direction for this blog:

I want to be a better at photography

Find the motivation for working out because that ship has come and gone

Not hate technology, to embrace it and use it

Share my love for a few products

Have a platform for my really rock star mom to share and document her kick A homemaking skills …right now she ties to tell me and share all her amazing homemaking knowledge and wants me to be interested in the different ingredients and which solution works best for cleaning this or that ect….but I don’t cook, not right now, and not really into homemaking skills quite yet…, but someday I will be and all that information will be really valuable… my mom comes from a different kind of generation where homemaking was not only a thing to do but it was a skill, passion and sought after and something to take pride in… I want all that stuff written down so when I get to that phase all that’s wisdom will be right there to help me!! My mom has all that down pat! Plus she, like me, also is a creator and needs to create so I’ve invited her to participate in this with me.  Name to be determined but I find that when someone asks something I usually say “I don’t know I’ll call my mom”  so Call mom for now.

I want to write down what I’m learning about life, love, and people… I think life skills are so important and should be taught in school. Learning how to communicate effectively or about finances and other life skills things are just at important as math or science. We need to teach these things so I believe in teaching and sharing what I call life 101, sharing what I’ve learned, what I wish someone would of taught me and hope to keep on learning more of these life skills.

So that’s it for now, the rest is up and coming and we will see what happens and where this thing will take me!


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