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Facials are pretty great, right? What’s not so great is the expense that comes with regular visits to see an esthetician. There are a lot of products that claim to be great for your skin — so much so that they can replace a trip to the spa — but unfortunately, very few of them actually do what they promise.

I’ve written about The Facial Spa on my blog a few times, because I believe it delivers amazing results. It’s a spa treatment I can do at home, and after eight years of use (and counting), it’s paid for itself hundreds of times over. In case you haven’t heard, The Facial Spa is on sale right now, so I thought it would be a great time to highlight three big reasons I think you should go ahead and treat yourself to this amazing little machine!

1) You will look younger. The very first time I used this product, someone who I had just seen two days prior saw me again and said, “you look younger!” If this woman thought I looked younger than I did just two days ago, that means this treatment must really work! Over the last eight years that I’ve been using this product, I’ve received comments like this on a fairly regular basis. It’s enough to keep me on a fairly regular routine! After all, who doesn’t want to be told they look younger?

2) It works on a cellular level. Face masks and skin creams are just fine, but if you really want to see a noticeable change in your skin health, getting down to the cellular level is key. As we age our cells omit less light and less energy, causing our skin to look more tired and dull. The Facial Spa goes in and actually resets the youth gene clusters so that the gene will express the same amount of light and energy as it did when it was young. You can watch this video to learn more about the science behind how it works.

3) Did I mention it’s on sale? The Facial Spa set retails for $387, but it’s currently available for just $225. If you’re someone that enjoys a good facial, this will pay for itself after just one or two uses. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t routinely visit the spa, this is an incredible value and trust me, you’ll wish you would have bought it sooner. I wish I had. Email me at for the discount code!

If you want to learn more about The Facial Spa, you can visit my website or find me on Instagram!

I saw a picture of  this cake online and decided to try and make it for one of my favorite friends.  She is a rockstar mom that spends hours putting together special cakes for each of her kids birthdays, so I wanted to do a special one for her. I was surprised how easy it was to make and it was a complete home run with Amy and her kids!  The only tricky part was frosting the cake because I lack patience in cooking and didn’t have the cake in the fridge as long as it should of been.   Luckily my own rockstar mom jumped into make it look pretty!

Here’s how you make this Birthday Surprise Cake: I didn’t want to risk having so many layers on my first go around  so I improvised a little.  I bought 2 boxes of cake mix, and I made up each box one at at time, split the batter in half and then added the die.  I think this made a really nice thick cake layer that was easier to lay on top after cutting the center through and made a manageable cake size. I also didn’t worry about frosting the inside of the center like it says to do here and it turned out perfect in my opinion.  I hope you try this out and send me pictures of when you cut into the center, thats the funnest part, seeing everyones reaction!

via How To Make a Rainbow Layer Cake with a Candy Surprise Inside | Kitchn

Mom tip by StarCore:  How Mom Makes Turkey:

People ask me how do I make such a fantastic Turkey for the holidays.  My secret, get real close ladies and Do Not let anyone see your screen……the best and first gift you give yourself after you get married is…….dun, dun, (whisper) is a grill.  Men love to grill and will go to great lengths to cook everything on it.  Well, I bought my husband a simple Weber Grill when we were fist married.  It was not a fancy one, just a basic grill and HE cooks the Turkey.

Ah ha!  That is the secret to my Turkey.  I make the stuffing and he oils down with olive oil and wraps it in bacon and slow cooks it on the grill.  It is to die for! He tends it, checks on it, keeps the heat just right and I love it.  It is really easy ladies, this is delegation.  I then have my oven free to cook the rolls, sweet potatoes and pie.

This actually came out of desperation when my husband’s new job took us to a new home that did not have the luxury of double ovens.  The Grill is your salvation!

‘Fall’ in love… Pumpkins and Lips

Its official, summer is long gone and we’ve officially transitioned from sunkissed summer days to warm cozy sweaters and pumpkin latte’s.   Are you as excited as I am?! It’s hard to say good by to summer but I love the fall. Cooler weather, gorgeous leaves and yummy treats! Who doesn’t want to curl up in a blanket with a pumpkin cookie and a good book.

Fall is in the air and there is so much to love. The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and our favorite spiced pumpkin drinks and treats are back! A change in the season also brings an opportunity to try change in our looks. Whether is a new pair of cute boots, a fresh new hair color, or a new signature smell, now is the time to go for it!

Maybe you’re not ready to give into your favorite sweater or puffy jacket but what about fall colors! With changing seasons comes changing trends and we go from sunkissed hair and light colored lips to darker complexions and suave colors.

Here’s our ideas for fall….

Try a new shade of highlights in your hair. Trade out your sunkissed blondes for some warm red undertones or some gold transitions. Lip shades of browns and mauves are the perfect fall color for lips. Try these hydrating lip colors from our Powerlips Fluid line and keep your lips hydrated during the changing seasons.

Fall is the perfect time to repair any sun damaged caused to your skin from all that summer fun. For your facial needs we recommend our Polishing Peel. Its like having a microdermabrasion facial at home and it removes the top layer of your skin using Pumpkin enzymes allowing for new skin to shine through.

Get cozy with new and old sweaters and don’t be scared of patterns. I hear they are coming in strong this season. Neutral colors are always a safe bet but pair them with a bold blue or a deep maroon and you are golden!

Its always fun to spice up your looks with each new season.   Add to you’re your favorite pumpkin spice drink and we are ready to fall in love all over again!


Facial Spa

I have been using this machine for 8 years and it is a must have. I shared this on the ageLoc post but the first time I used this product a women I saw 2 days earlier was starring at me and proclaimed “you look younger”. Right then and there I was hooked and I have used this machine with the ageLoc gels ever since. And she’s not the only one that has commented on it. Still today every now and then someone will comment on my skin and say it looks really good, like its got a glow to it and sure enough its always a day or two right after I’ve given myself a spa treatment. I try to be pretty consistent with it and I set a schedule to use it twice a week, Sundays and Wednesday usually. I like to do use it before I take a shower so I’m not to worried about using extra gel and making a mess of the hair around my face.

Benefits and Results

I have never been one for wearing a lot of make-up. In fact I have never worn foundation. So using products that help me feel like my skin is healthy has always been a priority. Below you can see what my skin looked like 8 years ago before using the spa and what it looks like today. I feel like I look pretty much the same except I have a healthier glow and my skin appears to be brighter. The facial spa delivers the ageLoc ingredient deep into the skin which is what allows you to see and pretty instant result. It’s the ageLoc serums and gels that reverse the signs of aging, but the machine aids in the deliver. I use a full range of ageLoc products but the ones I use to get the full benefits of the facial spa are the ageLoc gels, the ageLoc mask (these I use 2 times weekly with the spa) and the ageLoc Future Serum I use after the treatment and every day in the morning.  Also I should mention that I bought this Spa 8 years ago and its still working in perfect condition!  It might seem like a lot of money but you buy it one time and it will last forever and the is only $40 for a large tube that should last you a couple  months.

Facial Spa+ ageLoc Mask

I use this mask right after I use the Facial Spa. I let it sit on my face for 5 minutes before I step into the shower and rinse it off.   This way the ageLoc ingredient has time to really sink deep into the skin.

Future Serum

The Future Serum is a very light product that is easy on the skin and leaves it feeling silky! Anytime I have used a lotion or a moisturizer my skin always breaks out. I have never had that effect with Future Serum so I’ve used it as my moisturizer replacement. It also has the ageLoc ingredient that keeps my cells vibrating at a higher level every day. I LOVE the Future Serum and this is another product I have used every day for 8 years.

How does the ageLOC Facial Spa System work?

For decades, spa and salon professionals have used micro currents in customised treatment to refresh and energize our skin. With the Facial Spa you can enjoy a salon-type spa-facial as part of your regular skin care regime at home.  Small and powerful, the ageLOC Galvanic Spa System features patented self-adjusting currents and interchangeable conductors for the face, scalp and body.

The surface of the Face Conductor is designed to let product travel through and around the textured pattern, more effectively holding the gel in contact with the skin. This creates an environment of activity that enhances delivery of key ageLOC ingredients to the skin.

Facial Spa Benefits

The DNA from youthful persons express bright gene clusters full of luminosity. As we age the expression and luminosity of Gene Clusters are reduced. Once treated with ageLOC the Gene Clusters are restored and full of luminosity.

*  You can find these products under “shop” or message/email me for a 20% off discount code!

Before and After’s


How To Use the Spa


What is ageLoc and why is it so great?!

ageLoc is a brand and product line from Nuskin that contains a special ingredient that literally turns back the clock on the aging process. There are a whole bunch of scientific studies and research that can explain the details of how ageLoc is able to identify SuperMarkers called Gene Clusters which are groups of genes that regulate how we appear to age, and reset them to their youthful activity patter. The way I like to explain it is like this:

As we age our gene expression decreases. Our cells omit less light and less energy then they did when they were young. That’s why our skin changes that’s why we get more tired ect. If we want to reverse the signs and effect of aging we have to target aging at its source, the gene expression. ageLoc does exactly that, it goes in and resets the youth gene clusters so that the gene will express the same amount of light and energy as it did when it was young, thus giving us better skin and more energy. ageLoc actually re-lights the cell! Below are videos if you want to learn more.

What’s my experience with ageLoc products?

Ok at first I will admit I had no interest in trying out any Nuskin products. I bought the facial spa package and had my mom try it out. I think I can find the video of her testing it out for me, but I remember she literally started to cry after using the facial spa. I laughed that she was getting so emotional but she said…. quote: “you don’t know what its like to feel so young and then see yourself look different then how you feel” she literally had tears and I’ll see if I can find the video I took of her while she was testing out the product.

Although my mom loved the product, I still didn’t feel the need to try it out. At the time I was pretty busy getting ready to move to Vietnam and figured if my mom liked them that was good enough for me.

About 4 months after I started living in Vietnam I decided I should probably give it a go since I talk about the product I should at least try it out. I did and I was only 31 at the time so I didn’t see the dramatic changeas my mom did, but I thought it gave my skin a nice glow. I kid you not the next day I went to my Vietnamese language tutor and she kept staring at me…. she said “something is different about you…..” and I thought yup I just cut my hair last week how nice of her to notice…. And I said “oh thanks I cut my hair and added some layers” she said…..”no no its not your hair its your face….”   I started getting nervous because Vietnamese are not the most gracious when telling you when something is wrong with the way you look…. She started to get this quizzical expression and said….”you look…. Younger?” …. AHA!!   And right then and their I was SOLD!

That was 8 years ago and me and my mom have used ageLoc products every day since…. Check out our before and afters…. my mom looks just as good today as she did then!  I am a true believer that ageLoc definitely reverses the signs of aging and its now found in a number of Nuskin products. Test them out and find which ones are right for you!

Before and Afters



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