Since this Blog is just starting out and a little bit all over the place I wanted to give a brief overview of whats up and coming.

FRESH FACE  is where I can share my love of skin care products and anything that helps my skin look fresh, natural and younger.  Look guys heres the thing, I LOVE THE SUN. I have always put sunscreen on my face, but I love to be outside so there has been some damage.  Plus I was not genetically blessed with perfect skin so I have had to work at trying to keep my skin to  being in normal condition and now minimizing the damage from all the fun I’ve had in the sun.  Since I have never been one for a lot of make-up I have had to search for really quality products that will help my skin look fresh.  I like a natural look and I like products that I can actually see results with and thats why I’m loyal to a few brands that I have seen work.  Fresh face is where I will share my love of skin care and beauty products.

BODY LOVE  is health, fitness and learning how to figure out and embrace and love our bodies.  I have learned that the more I love my body the more my body loves me back.  I believe our bodies are always talking to us telling us whats going on and what we need, the key is to learn how to listen to it.  I have also notice that there are significant changes that occur at various ages and that each phase takes a few months, sometimes years to figure out  how to adjust to those changes.  And then once you figure it out and that becomes the new normal…. it changes again and you start the process all over again…  30, 35, 38 are the ages I noticed significant changes and I’m preparing for another one at 40.   Learning how to love my body through each phase has been key … hence BODY LOVE

TRAVEL I have slowed down on my travel schedule quite a bit the last few years, but I am always up for a new adventure or a unique experience.  I love the Dr. Suess book, Oh The Places You’ll Go.  And I always  have a list of places I want to go.

LIFE 101 I love to learn. I think that some of the most important things in life are never taught and they should be.  Why don’t we teach how to communicate effectively in High School along side Math and Science.  I know that learning how to communicate or manage money or deal with conflicts would of helped me 10x more then memorizing the periodic chart or some math equation that I have never used or can’t remember.  Life 101 are things I have learned in the school of life that I think should be talked about.

STARCORE I have the most amazing mom.  Everyone thinks that but really guys my mom is like hard core mom status.  She is one of those rare people that took homemaking to the next level because she actually loves it.  She reads cook books, knows everything there is to know about cleaning, sewed her own wedding dress and is basically just an all around mom rock star.  Every Sunday she tries to tell me about her latest cooking tip or how to decorate this or that  and it goes in one ear and out the other because I am not in that phase of life right now.  But her insights and information are soooooo valuable and I want them all recorded so this is where my mom will share all her tips for cooking, cleaning, decorating, home remedies and anything I would normally call my mom to ask!

MAVEN MEL This category I’m leaving a little open, if I ever have any products I love and want to share or connect anyone with I’ll post it here, its more of a TBD kind of category.



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